Disclaimer and declaration of physical fitness

By registering to the ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º, in any of the modalities TrailRun Epic 360º, Experience 360º or MountainBike Epic 360º, I hereby state:

  1. That I have read, understood and fully accept the Rules and Regulations governing the sports event in which I take part (TrailRun Epic 360º, Experience 360º or MountainBike Epic 360º), that will take place on the 3th, 4th and 5th of November 2023. The Regulations are published at the official website of the event (www.epiccdc360.com).
  2. That I am sure of being sufficiently prepared (physically and psychologically) to take part of the race. I can guarantee that I enjoy good health, not suffering from any disease, allergy, physical defect, lesion or cardio-respiratory disorder advising against taking part in the event. If during the race I suffered any type of injury or any other circumstance that could seriously damage my health, I will inform the organization as soon as possible.
  3. That I am aware that this type of event entails an additional risk for the participants, as they are developed in a natural environment, with limited access. I therefore state that I am taking part in the event of my own free will and at my own initiative, and I fully assume the risks and consequences derived from my participation.
  4. That I have the sports and safety gear required by the Organizer for the day of the event; and I guarantee that it is in perfect condition, that I know how to use it properly, and that I will wear it/carry it on my person during the entire event.
  5. I commit to obey the rules and safety protocols established by the Organizer of the race in which I take part; and to behave responsibly, avoiding conducts that increase risks to my physical or psychological integrity. I will follow the instructions and comply with the decisions taken by the responsible persons from the Organization (judges, doctors and organizers) with respect to all aspects of safety.
  6. That I authorise the medical services of the event to perform on my person any medical procedure or diagnostic test that they deem appropriate in any moment of the event, whether or not I have requested it myself. Whenever requested by them, I undertake to abandon the event and/or allow my hospitalization, if they deem it necessary for the sake of my health.
  7. That I authorise the event Organizer to take and use any photography, film or recording of my person taken during the event, providing they are exclusively related to my participation in the event; and that I will not receive any compensation in return.
  8. That I am taking part in the event of my own free will and on my own responsibility. Therefore, I exonerate of any responsibility the Organizer, its collaborators, sponsors and any other participants, exempting them from any liability for any physical or material harm that may occur to me.