Good environmental practices commitment

As a participant in one of the modalities of the ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º 2023, I declare that I am aware that the race crosses many natural areas, often fragile and many of them protected, including the Albufera Es Grau Natural Park and the areas of the Xarxa Natura 2000. Like any other visitor, I am subject to the rules governing those protected areas, as well as the specific rules and environmental measures adopted as part of the ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º race.

According to this, I agree to comply with the following rules:

Rules that are common to all modalities:

  • Always carry a reusable glass or container, as indicated in the mandatory gear list (see the regulations of the race).
  • Mark with the bib number all packaging and wrappings that are carried on throughout the course of the race. For this purpose you can use tags that are delivered inside the participant bag; permanent marker will also be accepted.
  • Do not leave the signposted route at any time of the race, paying special attention not to do so in areas identified as fragile, and always avoiding treading the path surrounding vegetation. To avoid shortcuts, the organization may install foto and video cameras or place persons from the staff within the course.
  • Do not shout or make noise.

Specific rules for MountainBike Epic 360º modality:

  • Walk in the sections where it is indicated.
  • Attend the recommendation to use a little aggressive to the trail driving style, especially avoiding skidding.

Specific rules for Experience 360º and TrailRun Epic 360º modalities:

  • Do not use sticks, except if you use them with rubber tips or stoppers to protect its ends and you carry spare tips or stoppers during the stage.

Finally, I declare to be aware of the system of sanctions foreseen in the regulations of the race in the case not to fulfill these commitments, the set of rules laid down in the regulations and any other that may be communicated by the organization during the course of the race.