Transfers and extras

ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º offers to participants transfers and extra services needed to take part in the event.

All extras can be contracted in the time of registration or later from the My entry private space before October 13. Anyway, be aware that some of the services are subject to availability, so it is recommended to book them as soon as possible.

Transfers to the start or at the end of each stage

Depending on the modality, the following transfers will be needed:

  • TrailRun Epic 360º & MountainBike Epic 360º:
    · Start of stage 1: transfer from Cala Galdana to Camí del Pilar.
    · End of stage 1: transfer from Maó to Cala Galdana.
    · Start of stage 2: transfer from Cala Galdana to Es Castell.
    · Start of stage 3: transfer from Cala Galdana to Camí del Pilar.
  • Experience 360º:
    · Start of stage 1: transfer from Cala Galdana to Addaia.
    · End of stage 1: transfer from Maó to Cala Galdana.
    · Start of stage 2: transfer from Cala Galdana to Es Canutells.
    · Start of stage 3: transfer from Cala Galdana to Ciutadella.

No stops will be made along the way and there won’t be any transfer from any other point of the island.

Price: 25 € per person

Bike transfer between stages

Participants can hire the bike transfer service between these points at the time of registration:

  • From Cala Galdana to Camí del Pilar (start of stage 1).
  • From Maó to Es Castell (start of stage 2). At the end of the stage, the bikes will remain in Maó and will be will be transferred directly to Es Castell.
  • From Cala Galdana to Camí del Pilar (start of stage 3).

Price: 15 € per bike

Transfers between ARTIEM Audax and the airport or ports

Participants who book the 3 nights pack at the ARTIEM Audax will have free transfers, by the organization, between the hotel and the airport or the ports of Ciutadella and Maó. Both on arrival on November 2 or 3, and on return on November 6 or 7.

Apart from booking the 3 nights pack, the flight or ferry timetables must also be sent to before 10/14/22 in order to be able to enjoy the transfers, indicating the number of bikes to move, if applicable.

Price: free for all participants and companions who book the 3 nits pack at ARTIEM Audax.

Mechanical assistance

Mechanical assistance service for bikes available for all participants at the end of the first and second stage. The price of the service depends on the required assistance.

The service is intended exclusively for the repair of breakdowns occurred in the course of the race, and does not include the possible cost of spare parts. It also does not include work related to lack of maintenance or tuning (cleaning, lubrication, etc.) for the next stage.

There will also be a technical assistance point at an intermediate point of each stage, subject to the same conditions. In this case, the service will be limited to dealing with small breakdowns that can be solved quickly during the race.

Price: included in the registration

Physiotherapy and podiatry service

The service will be available at the end of all three stages, and the availability of the service is not guaranteed for those who do not hire it by October 14th. Participants who have previously hired it will have a waiting preference. Participants who have not previously contracted it are not guaranteed the service, and will have to pay € 17 per day if they finally have access to it.

Price: 45 €

Traveling with the bike

Participants in MountainBike Epic 360º who travel to Menorca have a variety of options in order to bring the bikes to Menorca:

  • Traveling by ferry. If you travel by ferry, things will be easy for you, as there is no extra charge to bring the bike with you and you won’t need to disassemble it to leave it in the hold of the ship.
  • Bike rental. Although in a race like this the best option is to use your own bike, to rent a bike is certainly the easiest for those not traveling by boat. The recommended option is Tot Velo bike shop.
  • Traveling by plane. Each company has its own special conditions to travel with the bike, but usually require to disassemble and pack the bike, and they charge a fee to check it (it may vary depending on the airline).
  • Bike shipment. Participants staying at the ARTIEM Audax hotel also have the option of sending their bike to the hotel.

Rent a car with Autos Menorca: 12% off

Both for companions following the race and if you plan to spend a few extra days in Menorca before or after the race, it is highly recommended to have a vehicle to move freely around the island. If you rent with the local company Autos Menorca a through this link you will have an additional 12% discount for being Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º participants.

Federative license for MountainBike Epic 360º

All MountainBike participants are required to have the appropriate federative license.

Otherwise, the three-day license must be contracted at the time of registration, or on October 14 at the latest. Foreign participants holding a license must submit a certificate from their federation as late as October 14 indicating that the race is covered by their license.