Team registrations

To register as a team, the following must be taken into account:

  • The first member of the team (participant 1) will create the team at the time of registration. To register, will have to provide his/her email and that of the teammate.
  • Participant 1 will pay the registration fee for both team members, and will be the only team member to be able to book accommodation options.
  • To join the team and complete the registration, participant 2 must follow the link that will receive by email. Participant 2 has one week to complete the registration.
  • Participant 2 will be able to book the extra services needed, but will not be able to book accommodation options.

If you want to form a team with a participant previously registered as solo, you must first complete the registration as solo with the price in force at that time. Afterwards, both participants must request by email ( to join the same team and provide the team name.